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Traffic accidents happen daily everywhere in the United States. One of the most common accident types is the rear collision where an automobile strikes another from behind. This type of accident most frequently results in a type of injury called “whiplash”. Whiplash is the straining, stretching, or tearing of ligaments, muscles, tendons, and even the spine following the violent back and forth whipping of the head and neck during a collision. The injury can result in immediate or long term symptoms and, in all cases, should be taken very seriously. car accident lawyers

Most crash victims will assume that a little soreness is natural. Car accident victims may walk away from the accident, refusing medical attention, or having received a cursory examination from the first responders. However, the first few hours of a car crash are important to the ongoing health of the victim. Accident victims often find that the pain increases the following day.

Unfortunately, an important time period was missed during which treatment should begin, which would have helped assure treatment before too much damage occurs. The longer whiplash is allowed to go untreated, the more likely that the resulting inflammation and nerve interference or damage will have permanent results. To best treat whiplash, medical professionals in a hospital or specialist clinic should be consulted immediately following an accident. However, medical care can be expensive. Even if one is the victim of negligence due to the other driver, there may be confusion about how to go about getting the medical tests and care financed.

As far as the injuries are concerned, it isn’t really safe to wait until the following few days to verify that the other party will indeed be responsible as they should for the medical care. If you or your loved one is the victim of an automobile accident, it is vital to call a personal injury attorney convenient to you immediately following the accident. Your qualified personal injury attorney can start the process of medical care as well as that of pursuing recompense for any losses that will result from the accident. car accident attorneys
Don’t rely on your own insurance or that of the negligent party to cover your needs; both sides will be reluctant to pay for all that a victim needs. Make sure you have an attorney on your side in those first crucial moments to protect both your health and your rights.
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Estate Planning & Administration

Estate planning is essential
Estate planning is vital to your family’s long-term financial well-being, and with today’s complicated legal system, your family’s Estate needs professional legal attention. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to develop and implement a comprehensive plan that will help you plan for the future and ensure that your assets will be protected for your posterity.

Your family’s Estate is a serious matter.
Life continually brings new challenges, and as a result, your Estate will need on-going monitoring and adjusting as your circumstances change with time. It provides thoughtful, strategic Estate planning that will protect your children’s financial future and ensure that they are taken care of long after you’ve passed away. Whether you desire to prepare a simple or complex Will, establish a Trust, draw up a Power of Attorney, complete a Healthcare Directive, or establish a charitable foundation in your name, we can assist will all of your Estate planning needs.

It provides individually tailored services in all of the following areas:

  • Preparation of all legal documents
  • Writing of both simple and complex Wills
  • Testamentary planning
  • Establishment of Trusts
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Healthcare Directives (also known as a Living Will)
  • Establishing charitable foundations
  • Real Estate transactions
  • Oil & Gas rights planning

Personal Injury & Malpractice

Your success is our goal
If you’ve suffered an injury due to an accident, negligence or malpractice, we are committed to getting you the compensation you deserve.

Auto accidents are our specialty
From neck or back injuries to paralysis and wrongful death, our team is prepared to help you and your loved ones achieve the outcome and settlement you are seeking.

Leave all of your personal injury cases up to us:

  • Auto accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Head injuries, back injuries, neck injuries
  • Tractor trailer accidents
  • Wrongful death
  • Paralysis or amputation
  • Nursing home injuries and neglect