Why You Need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Why You Need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Hopefully, by now we have convinced you that the only real chance you have at winning your case is by enlisting the help of a seasoned and skilled motorcycle accident attorney. If you are still not convinced why you need the help of an experienced law firm such as Our law firm, here’s a summary of the reasons you do:motorcycle accident attorneys

We are intimately familiar with Texas vehicle accident law and have 20 years of relevant experience investigating all kinds of accidents, including those involving motorcycles, 18-wheelers and automobiles. So we know what, and more importantly, who, to examine in connection with all kinds of accidents.

We can be of immense assistance to you in your attempt to obtain restitution for medical expenses. Seemingly minor motorcycle accidents can still lead to serious injuries that require extensive and expensive medical treatment.

We are a proven, effective Texas wrongful death law firm. Over the last two decades, our attorneys have been at the side of families through some of the most trying times of their lives and helped them realize justice against those whose negligence robbed them of their loved ones.

We have significant experience in litigating accidents in Texas involving drunk drivers. Our lawyers know dram shop laws like the back of their hand, and we are willing to do the heavy lifting required to prove the negligence of alcohol-serving establishments and hold them accountable for the role they play in causing drunk driving accidents.

We know the complexities and intricacies involved in motorcycle accident litigation and know how to handle them. We know the technical details surrounding, for instance, accidents caused by malfunctioning mechanical parts. If need be, we have strong relationships with experts who can provide compelling testimony to bolster your case.

We know there is a bias against motorcyclists that is pervasive in our society, but we can produce the compelling evidence needed to defeat that stereotype and hold those truly responsible for your accident accountable.

We have carved out a well-earned reputation for success against aggressive insurance adjusters and defense attorneys. We have faced, and defeated, nearly every major insurance carrier in the United States. They know our reputation, and they respect it. In fact, there are many instances where an insurance company will offer our clients fair settlement offers rather than risking the loss of much more money by tangling with our attorneys in a courtroom.personal injury law - motorcycle accidents

Did You Know?
Our Motorcycle Accident attorneys have won thousands of cases. Call us today to discuss your case.

We will not let an insurance company take advantage of you. When you hire us, we shield you from a carrier’s aggressive tactics because we deal with them, not you. You can focus on healing, either physically, emotionally, or both, from the accident.

Do you have a legal question? Call our office for a free initial consultation.

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